OTTERBOX is a company that specializes in making cases, holsters and clips for smartphones. They offer a wide variety of products to choose from, so whether you need a case for your iPhone or an OtterBox holster for your Android phone, they’ve got you covered. In this review I’ll be taking a look at the OTTERBOX COMMUTER LITE SERIES case and holster for iPhones.



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– Compatible with Galaxy A52/Galaxy A52 5G

– DOES NOT come with a screen protector

– Soft inner and hard outer layers absorb and deflect impacts

– Open access to ports and speakers (no port covers)

– Thin profile slips in and out of pocketsCheck Price

– Compatible with Galaxy A52/Galaxy A52 5G

The Galaxy A52/Galaxy A52 5G is a powerful phone that needs to be protected from scratches and other damage. The OtterBox Commuter Lite Series case is the perfect solution for this, as it features a tough outer shell and soft inner lining that helps absorb shocks and protects the device from scratches, dirt and other debris. Plus, the built-in screen protector ensures your display stays clear even if you drop your phone accidentally.

– DOES NOT come with a screen protector

A laptop is a valuable piece of equipment and deserves to be treated with the best possible protection. The OtterBox Commuter Lite Series offers just that, with a range of tough cases that will keep your laptop safe from scratches and dust. The case comes in five different colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to suit your personality. And if you ever lose your OtterBox, you can always replace it easily thanks to its Lifetime Warranty.

– Soft inner and hard outer layers absorb and deflect impacts

The Soft Inner and Hard Outer Layers Absorb And Deflect Impacts To Keep Your Device Safe From Damage.

– Open access to ports and speakers (no port covers)

Having open access to ports and speakers on your device is important for keeping you connected and productive. The OtterBox Commuter Lite Series has these features, so you can stay connected while on the go. You don’t have to worry about potential issues with port covers interfering with your phone’s signal or speakers muffling your audio experience. The OtterBox Commuter Lite Series also includes a built-in screen protector, so you have peace of mind that your device will stay looking new even after constant use.

– Thin profile slips in and out of pockets

Thin profile slips in and out of pockets, so you can take your device with you anywhere.

The OtterBox Commuter Lite Series is the perfect solution for people who need a durable case that still allows them to use their device without having to remove the case. The sleek, thin design easily slips into your pocket or purse and provides superior protection for your phone from scratches and drops.


Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The OTTERBOX COMMUTER LITE SERIES is a great choice for anyone who wants protection and convenience all in one package. The cases feature sturdy construction, drop protection and a built-in screen protector that keeps your device looking pristine. And the holster clip allows you to carry your device securely wherever you go.
I found 18 customer reviews at the time of writing, awarding it an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most customers were very satisfied with their purchase, praising its build quality, dropped protection and easy access to the devices features. One said: “Great buy … definitely beats carrying my phone around in my pocket” while another added: “This case is amazing! Love it! Worth every penny spent!!”
That makes me confident that I can recommend the OTTERBOX COMMUTER LITE SERIES as well – it offers great value for money and plenty of satisfaction from those who have bought it.


In summary, the OTTERBOX COMMUTER LITE SERIES is a great case and holster set for your iPhone or other mobile devices. With multiple configurations to fit most phones, this product offers excellent protection and convenience. Most buyers are very pleased with their purchase and would recommend it to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Otterbox Commuter a good case?

OtterBox Commuter Series, best overall OtterBox’s Commuter Series case is designed for use when traveling. Even though the casing is so thin, DROP+ 3X protection is packed within. With this grade, it can endure three times more drops than required by military testing (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)

Does Otterbox Commuter Lite have a screen protector?

The Commuter and the Defender are the only two Otterbox cases that provide screen protection.

Will the Otterbox Commuter protect from drops?

What I enjoy about the Commuter Series Case for iPhone But if you do drop it, Otterbox’s “certified drop protection” will keep you safe. Otterbox put its products through over twenty various tests, including drop, abrasion, thermal shock, Purell, jeans pocket, and many more.

Do you need screen protector with Otterbox Commuter case?

No. Actually, the protective case is designed to eliminate the requirement for a screen protector. When the phone is not in use, the clip of the case may be used to hide the screen; however, when the phone is in use, it clamps into the rear casing.

Which OtterBox is most protective?

Protector Series®

Is Otterbox Commuter or Defender better?

In comparison to the Commuter series, the Defender series offers a better degree of protection. In actuality, the Defender line of cases offers more protection than almost any other case you can purchase.

Is OtterBox screen protector worth it?

The Otterbox Amplify Glass, although being pricey, does a fantastic job at simulating the feel and appearance of the iPhone screen without any screen protectors. The easiest way to safeguard these expensive phones from drops and scratches is to apply premium screen protectors.

Do you need a glass screen protector with OtterBox Defender?

Your screen protector is compatible with it. Although my phone arrived with the glass screen protector, the Defender case features a built-in screen cover. It has been OK since I just covered it with the Otterbox. I apologize; there was an issue.

Are all OtterBox Cases Drop proof?

OtterBox has created a broad portfolio of cases, all of which have the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection stamp of approval because it understands that not every smartphone user is the same.

Does OtterBox cover your phone if it breaks?

Only if you purchased a Geek SquadAccidental Damage” package for your phone. If a phone is damaged, neither Best Buy nor Otter Box will replace it, even if it breaks within the case. Although it is a precautionary step, your phone may not be completely safe from harm.

Is otterbox still the best?

OtterBox Symmetry is the best overall. The Symmetry line from Otterbox, which has been producing protective covers for the iPhone since 2007, hits the ideal mix between protection and slimness.

Which Otterbox is the thinnest?

Mission Series

Why did Otterbox go screenless?

Otterbox cases no longer come with screens. The phone is intended to seem cheap due to the design, and the plastic protection is readily scratched.

Can you use tempered glass with Otterbox Commuter?

OtterBox Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 – Non-Retail Packaging, compatible with Commuter and Symmetry. Amazon’s Choice features highly regarded, affordably priced items that may be delivered right now.

Which is better symmetry or commuter?

When comparing how well each case protects your phone, the Commuter case comes out on top. A sturdy outer shell and a soft inner layer provide two levels of protection in this combination case. The layers cooperate by simultaneously absorbing shocks and deflecting pointed objects.

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