The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (128GB, 6GB) is a great phone that offers a lot of features for the price. It has an octa-core processor and plenty of storage space. The camera is also good quality for a cell phone, and it has some pretty cool features like Knox security and AKG stereo speakers. Overall I think this is one of the best phones on the market right now, so if you’re looking to buy one I recommend checking out the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (128GB, 6GB).

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (128GB, 6GB) Review


Recommended for these features->

– Android 10

– FHD+, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio

– Fingerprint Reader

– 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM

– Qualcomm 7250 (Snapdragon 765G) Octa-core (2×2 GHz Cortex A77 & 6×1 GHz Cortex A55)Check Price

– Android 10

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (128GB, 6GB) is a great phone that offers an abundance of features and options. It has a large 6.3-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, making it perfect for watching high-quality videos and games. In addition to this, the Galaxy A71 5G also comes with 128GB of storage space which can be expanded using a microSD card. Finally, it has powerful performance thanks to its octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM.

– FHD+, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (128GB, 6GB) is a great phone if you’re looking for something that can handle all your multimedia needs. It comes with a FHD+, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio display which makes it perfect for watching videos and browsing the internet. Plus, its powerful Snapdragon 845 processor ensures that everything you do on this phone is fast and smooth.

– Fingerprint Reader

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is the latest phone from Samsung and it comes with a lot of features. One of the most notable features of this phone is its fingerprint reader. This fingerprint reader allows you to easily access your phone and sign in to your apps without having to remember a password.

– 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G comes with 128GB of internal storage and 6GB of RAM, making it perfect for users who want plenty of space to store their photos, videos, and other files. It also has a powerful octa-core processor and a large 6.4-inch display that makes it easy to view your content.

– Qualcomm 7250 (Snapdragon 765G) Octa-core (2×2 GHz Cortex A77 & 6×1 GHz Cortex A55)

The Qualcomm 7250 (Snapdragon 765G) Octa-core (2×2 GHz Cortex A77 & 6×1 GHz Cortex A55) is the latest flagship SoC from Qualcomm. It is built on a 10nm process and offers excellent performance, including support for 5G networks. In addition, it features an Adreno 630 GPU and supports Cat 18 LTE devices.

Reviews & Ratings of Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (128GB, 6GB)

Our Rating: 3.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is a great phone if you are looking for an affordable option with some decent features. It has a 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which should be more than enough for most people. it also has a nice design and screen size.
However, there were quite a few complaints about the battery life on this phone – it only lasted around two days before needing to be charged again.
However, overall the customer reviews on Amazon are positive, with an average rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.


The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is a high-end cell phone that offers great performance and features. It has a large memory capacity, fast processor, and plenty of camera options to make your photos and videos look their best. Many buyers are extremely pleased with this phone and would recommend it to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the A71 Samsung a good phone?

Our Finding The 6.7-inch AMOLED display is among the finest in this category, the design has been updated, and you get amazing battery life with 25W fast charging. The Galaxy A71 is one of the top mid-range smartphones available right now in terms of overall quality.

Is 128GB enough for Samsung A71?

The storage capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is 128GB. More than 18,000 music may be stored on it, or 60,000 photographs.

Is Samsung A71 worth buying in 2020?

The mid-range Galaxy A71 may be the greatest Samsung phone of 2020, despite what it would appear like saying in an offensive manner. Although it lacks several of the high-end technological attractions of Samsung’s flagship models, such as Space Zoom, a high refresh rate display, or a foldable screen, it excels at the fundamentals.

Is Samsung A71 5G waterproof?

The straightforward response to the question “is the Samsung Galaxy A71 waterproof?” is false; it’s not.

How long will Samsung A71 last?

The Samsung Galaxy A71 performed very well in our battery life test, and the results are in! The phone lasted over 13 hours during our test of web surfing, over 17 hours when watching movies, and over 30 hours while conducting 3G calls.

Does the Galaxy A71 5G have a headphone jack?

It features a headphone jack as well. When holding the phone in landscape (widescreen) configuration to view a movie or play a game, the mono speaker at the bottom is simple to block with your hands. The fingerprint sensor is not very good and is located below the display.

Can Samsung A71 charge wirelessly?

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is not wirelessly chargeable. This function, at least in terms of Samsung phones, is only available on the company’s priciest, flagship models, such as the Note 20 and Galaxy S21.

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